Toyota THUM's brand campaign


a transparent message about safety

As part of Toyota’s brand campaign in 2012 we developed a safety story you could hardly see but definitely not ignore. With the simple but powerful insight of ‘In a collision you may as well be made of glass’. We produced a compelling campaign across TV, print and digital interactive with Australia’s first full page ‘screen-tapping’ safety message: tap to learn how a collision can affect your organs.

The THUM’s (total human model for safety) iPad ad, via SMH and the Age, allowed users to witness the damage to the internal organs depending on how hard they tapped their iPad. Showing the fragility of the human body and drove consumers to the safety message therein.

The campaign was listed in "Best interactive 2012" in Creative Magazine and won Silver at the AWARD show

Digital interactive artwork developed by Animal Logic

Digital interactive artwork developed by Animal Logic