nothing soft gets in


country australia psa with a twist

The idea was to remind Country Australian blokes that Toyotas are the only 4WDs as tough as they are, we built a border post between the country and the city and established ‘Country Australia Border Security’ to defend it from ‘soft’ city stuff. 

Then we equipped them with Toyota 4WDs, the only vehicles up to the job. Other existing and unique media was used to intimidate and interrogate city people at the border post and beyond, while rallying country folk behind the cause.


The results were incredible: Defended Toyota’s #1 status in Country Australia. Best 4WD sales month in Toyota Australia’s history. Toyota Prado sold out, with a 2 month waiting list. Best sales month for Toyota HiLux in years. And all this after years of drought and during the worst economic times.

As Saatchi & Saatchi’s Digital Creative Director, I supported the ATL team with campaign and digital creative and executions. The campaign gathered 5 Gold Lions at Cannes, 1 for interactive and 1 D&AD Pencil.