At a time when we have more choice than the traditional banks, Westpac needed a non-traditional way to connect with this audience and talk in their language. Banks believe money makes you happy. Millennials know a rich life makes you happy. Our brief was to showcase the Everyday Banking product to the Millennial market. The direction we took was to demonstrate that with Westpac you can be Unstoppable in whatever you set your mind on achieving. Because no good story ever started with “I’m saving up for…”.

THE STRATEGY: Show them, them, living Unstoppable. 

Show teens everyday Aussies living unstoppable and inspire others to have the confidence to follow their dreams. 

We created THE UNSTOPPABLE SQUAD - a group of relatable young Aussies with the ambition to explore, discover and create their own futures. You can’t just buy cool.We didn’t chase people with the biggest ‘social’ followings; we wanted to do this through the most authentic means possible. We gave them each a Westpac account complete with $18,000 and captured the unguided, uncensored and unknown lives of Aussies by simply asking them to answer a brief; show us what it means to live unstoppable in 2016.

Westpac Unstoppable is a celebration of life and what it means to be a millennial. The Unstoppable Squad embodies the energetic, fearless and spontaneous carefree lifestyle that millennials live every single day. Nothing should ever hold them back. it inspires and empowers millennials to break out, seize the moment and to live unstoppable.

We enabled unstoppable millennials to create unstoppable stories fuelled by Westpac.

The results:

The Unstoppable Squad reached over 3.3m young Aussies – 70% of our audience
Over 1 million social engagements
42,000 clicks to the Westpac Tumblr
59% of interactions on Tumblr being organic engagements, 554% higher than the benchmark for financial brands on Tumblr.
26,500 people clicked through to the Westpac site to find out more about everyday banking products.