Important Man – Status Update Projects


No one takes status this literally?

How can we engage guys online in the idea that Scotch is a important part of their social world? If there’s one place where people try to make themselves more important, it’s on Facebook.

To continue the buzz around the Important man campaign we engaged the Johnnie Walker Facebook community and invited them to take part in the Status Update projects and make fans of Johnnie Walker appear more important in their digital social world.. The response was fantastic and this was just the first project!


Your public profile is very important when you’re an important person and your profile picture should reflect this. So we ask our fans to send us the most important-looking profile pic that they can find, make, shoot etc. From the submissions, we select a top ten, and publish these on our wall. Whoever gets the most likes wins.

Competition page

Competition page

The winner gets an intensely mock-serious portrait of themselves painted by a very serious artist, with the process of creating the artwork filmed and uploaded to the site. This can then be immortalised in a set of commemorative stamps (important people have their faces on stamps), entered into a portrait competition or hung in an important gallery.


The campaign was a huge success and continued through Facebook for over 6 months building the Johnnie Walker Australia community from 3,000 to over 400,000. It was shortlisted at Spikes Asia for best interactive social campaign.