Indeed ‘incomplete’ campaign

Dynamic feed, DCO OOH artwork

Dynamic feed, DCO OOH artwork


making sure people know you’re here

Indeed is one of Europe’s largest online recruitment solutions who have their target of being Australia’s #1 firmly fixed over the next few years. Their brief to us was how can we communicate their global brand campaign in a contextual way that will capture the Australian audience.

Our insight

No Australian likes a half done or ‘incomplete’ job!

So we looked for way we could use this in OOH and not only make it relevant but also contextual with Australia’s first dynamic content driven, digital OOH campaign. Partnering with APN we developed API feeds that allowed background artwork to update reflecting time of day and weather conditions, plus different stages of the bridge artwork being completed.


We also supported the campaign with a generic OOH concept on static locations.

Indeed static display.jpg