glenmorangie - we are the world we create, podcast series

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whisky sounds as good as it tastes. . .

Introducing a brand new podcast series celebrating exceptional creators making the world a more interesting place.

We had the opportunity with Glenmorangie to take a small amount of their annual campaign budget and create something worth listening to. So, to partner with the ATL campaign going into market, we set about researching and writing about something Iā€™m particularly interested in. Whisky, process and facing the odds.

This original podcast series, created in partnership with Glenmorangie, unearths incredible people pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes and innovating in their areas of expertise. Hear from former sports stars who have reinvented their world, innovators who are challenging our perceptions of business and musicians who are breaking the mould. Carla "Bigsy" Bignasca presents We Are The World We Create with Glenmorangie.

The series is fast becoming a huge hit in the Australian podcast arena and has kept growing audiences engaged through this audio storytelling format.