Cloudy Bay - parlour gigs partnership

Cloudy Bay image.jpg

OUR challenge

In a crowded market full of Australian wines we needed to make Cloudy Bay from New Zealand stand out, especially on cluttered shelves and with Aussie brands copying their packaging.

In a busy world we knew that moments to slow down and build connection between friends were times to be cherished and really appealed to the affluent millennial audience we were going after.



  • We reached 3.1m young Aussies through editorial and video content

  • Over 41 people were reached for every dollar spent,
    over 5 x more effective than the average campaign.

  • The average dwell time on editorial was over three and half minutes
    and we had an engagement rate of 48%.

  • Parlour was the perfect partner inviting Cloudy Bay into the hands
    of our audience.